About Hyndburn Landlords

Hyndburn Landlords represents a large group of landlords established as an association in September 2010, originally as a result of a dispute over Selective Licensing with Hyndburn Borough Council.

At the time many landlords felt that the council had failed to consult properly or to consider fully the effects of such a large scheme within the borough. Hyndburn Landlords incorporated themselves with a committee of six, elected to represent the combined views of the landlords.

After significant negotiations failed with Hyndburn Borough Council, Hyndburn Landlords successfully overturned the Selective Licensing Scheme at a Judicial Review in May 2011.

Since the Judicial Review, Hyndburn Landlords have continued to engage with Hyndburn Borough Council in an attempt to improve all working relations between landlords, tenants and the council to the advantage of the sector as a whole.

Membership is free and our service is principally of an advisory capacity.

To be kept updated please register for free, we shall email updates and relevant information periodically.

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