Welcome back to our new site.


Welcome back to our new website. We have changed our site to a blog, anyone can register and comment on any blog although this site is established by landlords to advise landlords, we shall be developing the site to offer various benefits over time.

Hyndburn Landlords Association (HLA) was established as a result of a dispute over selective licensing in 2011. The dispute broadly came as a result of a failure by Hyndburn Borough Council (HBC) to consult with landlords over plans to introduce a sizable selective licensing (SL) scheme. The lies and misrepresentations made by HBC when seeking the approval from local government and a general contempt shown for the private rented sector.

HLA entered into significant negotiations which ultimately failed and the dispute went before the High Court on the 23rd May 2011.

The full judgement of that hearing can be viewed here: